Sunday, July 5, 2015

My days fly by....

Wow days seem to just be flying by....way to quick! I need time to slow down for sure. My little bug is getting to big, pulled out her baby clothes today and it's crazy to me that she was ever so small.....5.14 lbs small. Now she's a 50 lb almost 8 year old! Say what!!?

I've been doing pretty good on the nutrition program I've been on. It's kind of lonely not having anyone else to do it with me, but I'm determined to beat this unhealthy lifestyle I've been living. I want to be healthy, and able to chase Bug around and practice soccer with her, and when the time is right to be able to add to our family.

I'm snacking on a salad as I type this....I love salad. Who else loves salad? What's your favorite kind?

I'm really hoping that by the end of round one of the 21 day fix, I will be able to cut back on my metformin which I use to help control my blood sugar/insulin levels. It may not happen, and if it doesn't that's ok because I know that I'm becoming healthier and will be able to get off of it entirely someday in the future!

So things I've noticed the past couple of days (since I forgot to blog)

I was a bit moody from lack of my favorite comfort foods. The cravings for them weren't horrible, I have Shakeology to thank for that, but more moody because I didn't want to cook and much rather would have ran to the drive thru. I didn't though, I stayed strong : )

I'm not experiencing as much bloat, I feel like my clothes fit better. I'm not thinking it's weightloss but rather just not having as much gas from junk.

I'm doing better on my water intake, I'm not up to half my weight in ounces yet but I am up to 60 oz a day and I feel like all I do is pee!! I hear that subsides though. *fingers crossed*

My FOCUS for this week is:

Meal prep!!! You have to plan and prep to be successful!

Add another 10-20 ounces to my water intake, so prepare for lots of #stopdropandchug tags and shoutouts on my instagram account. Come follow me, lets hold each other accountable! Click the Instagram button on the side of my blog :)

Add in walking a couple days a week, in addition to my workouts!

Who out there is taking a peek at my blog? Leave a comment and say hello! I promise I don't bite :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Giving it my all

I woke up with a new determination to crush my goals and help others crush theirs as well! Over the past 6 months or so I have had a lot of ups and downs, both in my health and my self esteem. I had fallen into a pretty bad depression because of my PCOS and Insulin Resistance. A lot of areas of my life were affected. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but in the past 2 months I have found a new sense of self confidence and who I am as a person and I've made some great friends along the way. I want to be able to help others find themselves again and to help them reach their goals and realize their potential. If I can do it, I know that anyone can do it along side me! 

I will go further into my depression and PCOS at another date but just know that you're not alone if you're struggling with those things. So many women out there are just like us! Don't be afraid to reach out to me, I love to help where I can :) 

So for the next 3 weeks, I am committing to live a healthier lifestyle. Healthier food choices and a 30 minute workout. I will be doing this PROGRAM and would love to have some company if anyone else wants to join me in this journey!! I will be there with you every step of the way!

I am going to also document my journey here in my blog. How I'm feeling, my successes and slip ups. My cravings, my moods (which with PCOS can be all over the place, I'm hoping to stabilize them a bit), my goals, my dreams. I want to be an open book during this process. Changing myself from the inside out.

So for today: I had this SHAKE for breakfast and loved it. I've always been a fan of it, and when I drink it consistently I see major changes in how I feel. My blood sugar/insulin levels don't feel so all over the place. I'm about to have a tuna salad for lunch. 

I'm feeling nervous but excited at the same time for this journey I'm committing myself to. I know that great things are going to come from it.

And to hold myself accountable even are my day one photos.

I am so nervous to put these on here because yes, I have stretch marks. I am a mother, and I also gained a lot of weight so I don't have a perfect stomach. That's part of the journey though, accepting our flaws and learning to love ourselves! So here are my starting photos :) I can't wait to show everyone what I will look like in 21 days!